Customised solar water heating solutions

Customised solar hot water solutions

From Concept To Completion

Solar hot water heating has become much more than what we remember.

Solar Rex showcases innovative mutli purpose heating systems that offer the flexibility to deliver more than just hot water for showers.

Whatever your ideas we’ll work with you to see them come to completion.

Solar water + boost from fire + heat to radiators

Guaranteed long life solar water heating systems

Unique multli purpose heating systems designed to protect your hot water tank from the two biggest killers of hot water systems – pressure and rust.

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Solar Hot Water & Heating Solutions:

 solar water & wood fire combinations
∗  customised solar water heating systems
 solar home floor and space heating
 pool and spa heating
commercial projects: high rise, motels, caravan parks, dairy farms

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solar hot water showerHot Tips For
Buying And Installing

 Get Free hot water in any climate

 Stop corrosion and tank rupture

Boost hot water from wood fire

DIY installation tips

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Australia Certified - Our products are WaterMark Approved

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