Solar Hot Water Heating 

Keeping solar water simple

The solar hot water industry is constantly evolving to new heights

Here you will find a team of visionary designers, manufacturers, technicians and solar enthusiasts who trust in the significant value solar heating adds to peoples’ lives every day. 

What our customers are looking for:


Solar water heating that gives you FREE hot water in winter

“AWESOME! – can’t believe it can extract so much heat from the sun at this time of year (July).”John Piercey Denmark WA. John did not have to turn the electric booster element of his solar how water system ON during the coldest months of the year. Many of our customers have sent us emails just like this. The right system will give you all the free hot water you need even in the coldest climates. See whyX

Longevity features which will preserve the life of the solar hot water system

What makes this system different and why these features are so important... See whyX

A system with the least number of parts keeps maintenance costs to a minimum

The trap: Maintenance costs of some shw systems will eat up the savings you had made by having solar hot water. Here's how to beat that problem... See whyX
Hot water options

Hot water options to connect to the Wet Back of your slow combustion fire to boost hot water, roof mounted & split systems, pool heating, radiator & floor heating, specialised commercial projects, dairy farms, food drying, pumps, flue jackets, evacuated tubes, manifolds and more.


At Solar Rex we offer:

Personalised contact with experienced installers and technicians

Prompt responsive service and quotes

Certainty you receive what is promised 

Solutions for your individual needs based on extensive experience

FREE freight insurance to most destinations in Australia

What’s important for us:

Customer service and your satisfaction

Great experiences in communication 

Results that exceed your expectations

Follow-up - you’re never forgotten and always our valued customer




 ...more than happy. The system works very well and even the smallest window of sunshine is enough energy captured to ensure hot showers in the evening.

Cliff and Rhonda Marston Perth WA


Throughout the entire purchase and installation Solar Rex have provided me with exemplary service. I installed the system myself and Solar Rex was available to talk with to answer my questions. It’s service like this that gives me trust and assurance in the Solar Rex name and the product.

Wendy Harbeck, Albany WA 


I would recommend this system to anyone considering solar hot water, it is saving us heaps - easily $1000 a year!

Robin Klumpp Tasmainia


AWESOME – can’t believe it can extract so much heat from the sun at this time of year (July). I’m telling everyone I know how good it is compared to the flat plate panels on the main house.

John Piercy, Denmark WA


Thank you so much Solar Rex – wonderful after sales service.

Dora Berenyi, Victoria

With strong over the phone support from Solar Rex we had a good time installing the solar water heating system. We have not run out of hot water in the three Spring months we've been using the system… we are completely free from fossil fuels and not paying any money for hot water energy  -  and I love that! If you need an abundant 'off grid' Solar HWS - a Solar Rex package will take you there. Flexibility, adaptability, affordable to set-up,  no bills to operate, least number of moving parts (no pump!),  95+% Sun-powered and a seemingly endless supply of hot water with great pressure - a tick in all these boxes.

Dominic Gilligan, Victoria