Our approach to solar hot water is to be continuously asking:

How can solar energy be harnessed even more to be the premium source of energy for free hot water and home heating?

We know to be sustainable it's critical to adopt and utilise clean and renewable sources of energy - efficiently.

To be a champion for solar hot water technology it's important for us to know that, especially during days when conditions are less than favourable, cold and overcast, that our customers' expectations are surpassed.

As a part of living sustainably, it's equally important that maintenance issues are minimal and the choice solar hot water systems offer greater durability and a longer lifespan

Our goal is to provide unique ways of energy independence by utilising resources already at hand such as, combining solar water heating systems with slow combustion fires to boost hot water at night or during wet weather. 

The future we work towards is where solar water heating systems have been embraced even more. Not only for household hot water but for home heating, dairy farming, food drying, pool heating, and even more applications!


Solar Rex delivers smart solar hot water systems which adopt simple, sustainable and practical design


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